Twisted Tradition

For many brides, traditions are extremely important, but for others, strictly following old-fashioned traditions feels stuffy and stoic. It may seem like there are lots of “have-tos” when it comes to your wedding, but most of these traditions do have room for you to put a personalized spin on them.

Tradition: The bride and groom should not see one another before the ceremony.

Twist: A “first look” photo shoot. Couples are trending toward planning a shoot before the ceremony in which the photographer catches those first romantic moments when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Intimate and precious, this also means you do not have to spend your cocktail hour taking pictures.

Tradition: The infamous bridal bouquet toss to single female guests.

Twist: Giving the bouquet to a special someone. Many brides prefer to present their mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, or other special friend with their wedding bouquet.

Tradition: The bride and groom sit by themselves at a sweetheart table or with the bridal party at an exclusive table.

Twist: For my wedding, my husband and I sat with the Maid of Honor and Best Man at a table for four. If I had it to do over, I would place us with out-of-town family members or long-time friends. Another alternative would be sit with both sides’ immediate families.

Tradition: There is one main, traditional wedding cake.

Twist: Many couples are opting to make cake the table centerpieces, and after the bride and groom have each given one another a bite from their centerpiece cake, the guests can simply serve themselves from the cake on their table. Still other couples are nixing the cake completely for pie, cheesecake, or ice cream sundaes.

Tradition: The best man, maid of honor, or parents of the bride raise a glass and toast the happy couple.

Twist: A unique way to honor your guests is for you, the bride and groom, to toast them. Thank them for coming, and say a few witty and winsome words about them. Congratulate the longest married, thank the ones who came the farthest, honor your parents. Mention your church family, your small group members, your coworkers.  Be humble, be honest, be grateful.

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