Wild Wedding Facts

Do you love all things wedding? Are you a fact geek? If you are either one – and especially if you are both – this post is for you. From our friends at hitched.co.uk., onewed.com, randomhistory.com, and nittanyweddings.com, here are some wild, wacky wedding facts:

~The longest wedding veil ever recorded was 3,358 meters, or just over two miles.

~In America, television soap opera weddings have more viewers than a presidential address.

~Before literacy rates were high in England, wedding invitations were shouted by “bidders”, hired to announce the details of the wedding.

~The most recorded wedding vow renewals for one couple: 101.

~The largest wedding cake weighed in at a whopping 15,032 lbs., and was created by chefs at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino in Connecticut.

~In Eastern cultures, white is the color of mourning. For this reason, white wedding dresses are uncommon.

~Queen Victoria”s wedding cake weighed 300 lbs, and was three yards wide.

~Queen Elizabeth II had 12 wedding cakes. The one she cut at her wedding was nine feet tall, and weighed 500 lbs.

~The most expensive wedding ever to take place in the UK was that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

~The wedding, held at Saint Paul”s Cathedral, had over two million spectators.

~The royal wedding was held in 1981 and cost 31.4 million. Today, when adjusted for inflation, it would cost over 72 million.

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