Add elegance to your wedding cake with our Chocolate dipped strawberries injected with Grand Marnier—for all the chocolate lovers! Perfect for all weddings, from simple wedding to luxurious wedding.

Macadamia Nut Crème Brulee

  • Freshly prepared and topped with fresh seasonal berries. It will melt in your mouth as soon as you take the first bite.

Coconut Whiteout Cake

  • Coconut Mousse, white cake, apricot puree and whipped cream. (This type of dessert goes well with an intimate and simple wedding. While also adding flavor for large and luxurious weddings as well.)

Mini Key Lime Tarts

  • Lime flavored cream in a shortbread crust, topped with fresh whipped cream


  • Coffee liqueur soaked cake, marscapone cheese, vanilla cream and chocolate shavings

Mocha Crunch

  • Bavarian mocha cake filled with whipped cream and butter brittle pieces

Windmill Torte

  • Rich chocolate fudge with whipped meringue curls

Blackout Cake

  • Chocolate Cake filled with chocolate chips, topped with chocolate leaves and almonds

Kahlua Cake Rectangle with Chocolate Cigars

  • Bavarian Mocha cake, garnished with chocolate ganache, swirled with pralinosa

Chocolate Raspberry Decadence

  • Chocolate Mousse with Chambord liqueur garnished with ganache swirls and raspberries. (This is the cherry on top when it comes to gourmet desserts!)

New York Style Cheesecake

  • Medium texture with flavors of vanilla and lemon

German Chocolate Cake

  • Chocolate cake filled with coconut and pecans, decorated with white chocolate leaves

Carrot Cake

  • Traditional carrot cake, surrounded with diced almonds, topped with white chocolate

Lemon Cake

  • Smooth and tart lemon cream custard, topped with white chocolate leaves and curls

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