Delicious Meat Selection for Your All Inclusive Wedding

All of Electra Cruises Carved-to-Order Meat Selections are prepared fresh with USDA Choice Grade Beef, hand select herbs and spices – accompanied by appropriate condiments. With your choice of roasted baron of beer to the ultimate filet mignon, you’re looking at the meat lovers paradise. The Carver’s Corner menu option is a great for your all inclusive wedding because it provides tradtional American meal options that are the backbone of family gatherings and get-togethers. Why not enjoy one another’s company, swapping stories and laughter on your beautiful wedding day?  Look below for all of our meal options that this menu provides.

Roasted Baron of Beef

With au jus and creamed horseradish

Ultimate Filet Mignon

Our Choice Beef Tenderloin, herb and peppercorn crusted in our galley and carved and served with creamed horseradish and au jus

Honey Baked Ham

Studded with cloves, pineapple and molasses, carved and served with brandied cherry sauce

Tri-tip of Beef

Blackened & barbeque tri-tip is grilled to perfection, carved and served with Jack Daniels barbeque sauce

Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Simmering in brown sugar and soy marinade, our Pork loin is roasted and served with Cinnamon and apple sauce

Herb Roasted Turkey

Served plump, tender and juicy with traditional cranberry sauce and turkey-mushroom gravy

The Grand Prime Rib

The Choicest Cut of Boneless Prime Ribeye Beef, rosemary garlic and peppercorn encrusted, served with creamed horseradish and au jus…

Have some questions? Contact us so that we can learn hwo to make your big day extra special. Food is important. We know that. Which why we are happy to answer all of your wedding catering questions.

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