Family Reunion

How do you get the whole family together? Better question: how do you make sure the entire family will have a blast? Our selection of luxury yachts will appeal to every age group. The kids will love the adventure and thrill of riding on the ocean; your eldest family members can relax in our elegantly furnished interior, resting assured that our yachts will accommodate all their needs. Regardless of age, everyone in the family can bond and reminisce comfortably in this unique venue. They can catch up while feasting on some of our tasty appetizers. Or while sipping on a cup of our gourmet coffee or complemantary tea. Talk to our party planner today about what works best for your family. Feel free to look through our yacht gallery so you can choose which one of these family reunion venues is the right one for your reunion. Even better, talk with one of our experienced event planners so they can walk you through the details. This means listening to what your family needs and providing that for you.

We want to assure you that all of our family reunion venues are high quality. But we understand you need to customize one in order for your family to call it your own. We get that. And we know that one family reunion is different from another. Just like every family is different. This means we aren’t going to whip out a cookie cutter venue. Talk with us so we give you your own personalized experience.

There’s only one thing better than quality family time, and that’s quality family time on a beautiful, elegant yacht cruising around the Newport Beach Harbor. Our five yachts are all kid-friendly and are various sizes to fit any family’s party! Everyone of all ages can enjoy the beautiful scenery and catch up with the loved ones you haven’t seen in ages.

Make the event extra memorable for everyone and give them a once in a lifetime experience. The yacht you choose will be intimate and exclusive to you and your family members while you sail around the water. Packages start at four hours and can be customized to fit your needs.

No family reunion would be complete without food, drinks, and dancing. Fortunately, we have all of that and so much more. Plus, we offer you an event planner, free of charge, to work with you along the way to ensure that the event is perfect!

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