Dear Susan,

We never imagined we could have our dream wedding (especially with only two months to plan!) until we met you. You made the impossible a reality for us and gave us the best wedding we could have imagined. Thank you so much for being our planner, friend, sometimes our therapist (haha), always our advocate, and often our older sister, making sure everything goes our way.

Setting up a wedding is so complicated! We had tried so many venues and so many other companies when we started planning, we thought a yacht in Newport Beach would break our budget. We were shocked when we ran the numbers to find that Electra would be a better place for a much more beautiful wedding! Now, we still have our savings for our marriage without compromising at all on our gorgeous wedding. One thing that no other venue could offer, though, was you.

We feel so blessed to have walked into your office. Ever since the day we met you, our wedding stress dropped and we were finally excited. Thank you so much.


Chiryze and Mike,

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