Hi Lorraine!
We cannot thank you enough for your awesome service during the whole process and your personality that is so fitting for the job!
You have been very accommodating, reassuring, and positive throughout the whole process! 

I don’t wish to go through this type of planning ever again, but if we ever plan another big event, we would be so happy to go back to you.

All in all Lorraine- you’ve been wonderful and we were so lucky to have you help us along the way! You are so amazing at being understanding and making us happy!!! We love you.

Star- our coordinator was great! I had confidence in her guidance since I met her. I was so nervous when it was time to come out and her demeanor helped me so much! She rocks!

Michael- our photographer was the most memorable to our families and our guests; many people actually remembered his name! His personality just shines and our guests really enjoyed taking pictures! He is so fun!
Having him taking pictures before the event, also helped distract me from getting worked up! We also love his personality.

DJ Raul- he was very accommodating in meeting us a couple of times and we appreciate him and his easy-going, fun character. We were surprised to actually have a crowd of dancers for line dancing! He is so cool. Go DJ Raul!!

We were all very happy with how the day went.
Your whole team have helped us create a very memorable time with all our loved ones, and you have made a great difference in Don and I’s combined lives.
Thank you so much for taking care of us! You guys rock!!!

Your services really stand out positively throughout the entire process- from planning to the day of event!

Wishing you and the whole crew at Electra Cruises continued success in your business!

Take care!



Dieu-Hoa & Don,

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