Lorraine, we went to the food tasting tonight and appreciated the professionalism and quality of the event and especially the team. Brittany was a fabulous representative for Electra. She was warm, welcoming, fun, knowledgeable, and did a great job spending time with couples to answer questions. We were very impressed. Alexander, one of the servers, was so friendly and professional. We told him we hope he’s on our wedding cruise to greet our guests. Same with Elliott, a bartender aboard the Destiny, we slipped aboard to take a few dining room pics to work on our seating arrangements and he was so nice answering our questions about where guests congregate when they want to relax and not be in the midst of the music and noise. The food was delicious and I think we know what we want for our appetizers and dinner. Congrats on such a great team and wonderful event; it’s quite impressive. 


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