10 Most Common Yacht Wedding MYTHS

10 Most Common Yacht Wedding MYTHS Debunked!


Having a wedding on a yacht can provide you and your guests with some of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. There are several misconceptions about yacht weddings that may stray guests away from having their wedding on a yacht.


Below, we will address the most common misconceptions and hopefully clear up the myths that come along with yacht weddings!


  • You’ll get sea sick


This is the biggest misunderstanding about yacht weddings! Many people don’t want to burden their guests with a yacht wedding in risk of someone being sea sick, or they themselves get sea sick. This could not be farther from the truth!

Most of the companies in and around Southern California all stay within the harbor for your wedding which means there are zero waves to “rock the boat.” In addition, the yachts are so large in size that even if there was a small wave or two, no one would ever notice.

Imagine a yacht wedding as basically a floating banquet hall. The luxury of an indoor wedding with the beauty and elegance of the harbor all around you.

  • It costs more than the average wedding


According to costofweddings.com, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is over $26k. With a yacht wedding, just like any other, the wedding can be adjusted to fit any budget.

Just like a banquet hall or any other venue where there is a fee to use the property, there is a basic yacht rental fee that is comparable if not less expensive than most other places.

The yacht itself is simply the venue. There are many assets to having a yacht wedding because the view takes care of most of the decoration. So you can cut costs in floral arrangements and décor and let the harbor speak for itself. Many other places you have to decorate it and make it wedding appropriate, but on a yacht, the décor and ambiance comes with it!

  • No children allowed


Children are absolutely welcome! Unless it is the request of the bride and groom to have no children at the wedding, children are always welcome! It is safe, reliable, and a great experience for them too! Even though you can never be too safe, it is always smart to keep an eye on them!

  • Can’t perform religious ceremonies


Just like other venues, any religious affiliated ceremony can be performed on the yachts. Whatever preferences you have can be met on a yacht wedding. We can do anything from traditional unity sand ceremonies to tea ceremonies to full Jewish ceremonies under a Chuppah.

In addition, you can go with your nautical theme and have the captain of the ship marry you! Or bring your own and have whatever type of ceremony you would like! As long as you sign that marriage license, you are all set!

  • The ceremony won’t be the most important part


Many people assume that by having their ceremony on a yacht, the wedding itself won’t be intimate or will be overlooked by the experience of being on a yacht. This is definitely not true. Being a yacht and surrounded by the beautiful sunset, skyline, and ocean makes for the most beautiful backdrop for any wedding.

Plus, having it on a wedding makes it really easy to limit the guests to exactly who you want there. With a banquet hall, people can come and go and it is easy to overlook guests who may have slipped in, but not on a yacht!

Not only is it incredibly intimate, it is sure to give you the most beautiful scenery for your wedding!

  • Not handicapped friendly


While not all yachts in the Newport Harbor are all handicapped friendly, the Eternity is part of the fleet of five with Electra Cruises. That yacht specifically has a full service elevator that takes guests up and down from deck to deck with the flow of the ceremony.

You won’t have to worry about elderly or handicapped making their way up and down the stairs! No one has to miss out on your beautiful day!

  • Can’t be late!


While it is always advised to have your guests arrive early, we depart the dock when you are ready! Even if your departure time is 6:00 pm, if you want to wait for a few late guests, we absolutely can! It is YOUR day!

  • I’m stuck, what if there is an emergency!


In case of any emergency there are multiple options to leaving the event earlier than anticipated. The coast guard has available options, as well as the Duffy company or gondola services.

In case of a medical emergency, water ambulances work similar to regular ambulances. The yacht can also dock at any time prior to the designated time per the bride and groom’s digression.

  • Have to wear a certain attire!


Many times, guests assume they have to stick to a particular dress code that is safe and appropriate for the yacht. Non-slip shoes and life vest are not necessary! Come dressed as you would to any other wedding! Heels and dresses are welcome!

People also assume they have to dress incredibly warm because it will be freezing. Not the case, at all. The yachts are fully enclosed. When you are out on the open decks there might be a breeze, but the yacht moves too slow to create any sort of discomfort.

  • If it rains, everything will be ruined!


Yacht weddings are suitable for all weather conditions. Rain or shine, your day will not be affected! All of our yachts at Electra Cruises are fully enclosed, so it would be similar to having a wedding in a banquet hall. Your wedding and reception will carry on as normal! The inside of the yacht will not be affected by the weather conditions outside!


As you can see, having a wedding on a yacht is just like any other venue, but better! The unique venue will be sure to provide a great, memorable, and once in a lifetime experience for you and your guests! No need to worry about sea sickness, the weather, or special attire. Come and enjoy a cruise around the harbor on the best day of your life.

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