Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words, the old adage says, and wedding photos are no exception. Your wedding pictures will remain one of your most treasured possessions for the rest of your life. There are many fun, unique, and beautiful ways to express yourself and your love, and immortalize the celebration of the beginning of the rest of your lives.

 There truly is no reason for dull, boring, or uninteresting photos in this age of digital imaging and editing. Wedding photography is an art, and while your photographer will know how to make magic in the editing room, you and your fiancee are in charge of what pictures you want taken . Look through as many wedding images as possible and find shots that you love and wish to re-create. Grab a camera, a few friends and your fiancee, make a pitcher of Margarita””s, and start posing! Have your friends take pictures and then show them to your photographer. Consider if you want kissing pictures to look romantic or passionate, how you want your rings to be angled, if you want some goofy, fun shots or prefer demure and sophisticated portraits only, and what specialty photos you would like.

 Don””t be afraid to talk openly with your photographer and let him/her know exactly what you want. A good photographer will not mind and will be glad that you are taking an interest. And with professional training and experience, he/she will also be able to instruct you in how to best accomplish the desired affect.

 Another aspect of taking great wedding pictures is the art of being photogenic. Don””t panic, even if you are not innately photogenic, you can learn to be! Wikihow has a fabulous article on not only being able to pose well for pictures, but learning how to become a photogenic person. Tips include figuring out which angle is best for you and to practice smiling and having pictures taken at that angle, to focus on posture, angle one side of your body closer to the camera to appear slimmer and sophisticated, how to get rid of the dreaded double chin, and how to relax.

 One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your appearance in photos is to think of something happy or enjoyable before the picture is snapped. Wikihow suggests thinking of something humorous or picturing your fiancee when posing. If you think of your bride coming down the aisle, or your new husbands face as you walk toward him, you will become radiant and automatically take great pictures.

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