3 Things Brides Forget to do Before the Wedding

Every bride who makes it through her big day will experience some regret – it’s inevitable. But those regrets can be fewer if we learn well from others and the mistakes they’ve made. Here are our top three things brides forget to do before the wedding.

Create a Budget
First things first, the saying goes, and a realistic budget must come first when planning a wedding. Sit down with your spouse-to-be and decide which things are important to splurge on and which items can take a back seat financially. Then take a good, hard look at what you can realistically spend without going into debt and without harming your desired lifestyle after the wedding.

If your parents are helping out with the cost of the wedding, sit down with them to discuss plans and work out a budget. Then when those exquisite Valentino shoes begin to temp, you’ll already know that you’ve decided to splurge on a Vera Wang gown, not expensive shoes.

Be a Couple
Nearly every bride, at some point in the planning process, forgets that she’s getting married…to someone! Take time out of your busy schedule of work and wedding planning and parties and friends and holidays to simply be with your fiancée. Take a walk. Play a game. Remember why you’re getting married.

And yes, you can talk about the wedding! But remember to ask him about his wedding ideas and dreams, too. Include him in the planning of your wedding. His ideas may not be what you envisioned, but if you allow him to make some of the decisions, it will bring you closer together and you won’t regret it.

Research Until You Find the Perfect Thing – Then Stop
This one may surprise you, but too many options can overwhelm you and actually lead to dissatisfaction. Consider what you want for your wedding theme, then research only those things that fit within your theme. Three or four venues, florists, dress shops, cake shops, photographers, etc. are enough to allow you good options in price and variety. Do some research, then make your decision. Your happiness just may depend on it!

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