31 Nice Things to do For Your Spouse to Let Your Love Shine

Photo Credit: lonelypluto911

Winter months come romantically packaged with loving cuddles near a warm fire, hand-holding during a sweet movie, and celebrating a day set aside simply for recognizing love.

But the winter is over and so are the easy-to-do and easy-to-see ways of keeping connected to our spouses. It is summertime, and we may need to go a little out of our way to show our spouses that, though it is hot and we are not as into cuddling as we were three months ago, we still want to fan the flames of passion.

Here are 31 nice things to do for you love, so pick one a day, and let your love shine!

1. Clean out her car for her

2. Send him sexy texts

3. Surprise her with a shopping spree

4. Buy him new seat covers for his truck, Jeep, or car

5. Set up the tent in the living room, gather pillows, and campout in your living room, complete with a romantic movie, soft music, or whatever she is into

6. Go on a real camping trip, complete with fishing, off-roading, or whatever he is into

7. Cook dinner for her and do all of the cleanup

8. Get interested in his favorite summer hobby. Do some research and surprise him the next time he talks about it by knowing a few things!

9. Come home with her favorite dessert from her favorite restaurant

10. Bring his favorite lunch from his favorite restaurant to him at work

11. Send her to spa and tell her not to come home until she feels like she has had a mini-vacation. Be prepared for how long it takes!

12. Give him a back rub – a good one that really takes his stress away and relives sore muscles. Be prepared to work hard!

13. Spend the day sending her complimentary texts

14. Change the oil in her car, check her washer fluid level and the air pressure in her tires, fill the tank with gas, and wash her windows

15. Let him do his own thing for a night, with no pressure

16. Ask her how you can pray for her

17. Iron his clothes the night before when he has an early business meeting

18. Mark a night out on her daytimer and let her discover it

19. Smile at her every time you see her

20. Do something that is normally his job (mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, taking out the trash, etc.)

21. Sharpen her kitchen knives

22. Take the trash out before it is overflowing

23. Rub her feet while watching a movie

24. Talk about hard things without crying

25. Talk about hard things without getting defensive

26. Change out of your sweats and put on makeup before he gets home

27. Take the scenic route around the park on your way home from the grocery store

28. Post on Facebook how much you admire him

29. Secure, chop, split, and stack more than enough wood for the winter

30. Give the gift of acceptance

31. Look your spouse full in the eyes every day, many times a day, and say I. Love. You.

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