5 Things to Stay Away From the Week Before Your Wedding

You’re almost down to the last week! Can you believe your wedding is so close? You’ve gotten nearly everything squared away and now it’s just wait time. But this last week before the big day is actually very important in determining how much you enjoy your wedding. Here are five things to stay away from the week before your wedding.

New Hair Cut or Color

You’ve already chosen your dress and veil, and your hair style was most likely a consideration in that choice. Drastic new haircuts and colors can lead to regret and frustration. Stick with your normal style and only get a minor trim two – four weeks before the wedding. Hair should never be a last minute change!

Sun and Spray Tan Booths

With appropriate sunscreen, the sun is preferable to tanning booths for getting that sun-kissed glow. But the week before your wedding, both can end up disastrous. Sunburns are not only painful but also unattractive in photos, and tanning booths can make you look fake and give uneven color. Your best bet is to have a specialist apply a complementary tanning solution evenly over your skin.


Alcohol is chalk-full of calories and can make you feel bloated. Alcohol also dilates your blood vessels which can lead to unattractive redness. It’s best to skip the alcohol the week before your wedding.

Late Nights

Wedding duties, excitement, and out-of-town visitors can keep a bride up nights. But sleep deprivation can lower your immune system, cause complexion problems, and raise your stress levels.

New Exercises

Most brides have begun an exercise program long before the week of their wedding to get in tip-top shape. If you didn’t, now is not the time to begin a strenuous workout regimen. Not only do sore muscles take several days to begin feeling better, you most likely won’t keep up with the workouts once you’ve become sore anyway. Stick with walks or light jogs with friends instead.

If you’re already exercising, don’t add in new moves during this week. Instead, add intensity to your cardio and a few extra reps of moves your muscles already are used to doing. But don’t overdo it!

Follow these tips and you’ll save yourself a ton of stress and frustration.

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