5 Ways to Get the Jump on Planning your Destination Wedding

Plan early! It sounds like a no-brainer, but planning early goes double for a destination wedding. You want to start planning 6 months in advance minimum, but if Newport is far for you and your guests, you should be planning up to 1 ½ year’s in advance. Plush, think of the costs you can save on the hotel by booking early! It pays to start early.

Get a tentative headcount. Get some realistic expectations by emailing guests and family and asking if they’ll make the trip. This number will be the ultimate factor to start planning your wedding spending around, so find out as soon as possible.

Become familiar with the destination. Newport Harbor is exquisite, and you won’t have much trouble after you get on the yacht, but Newport itself is a beautiful town that needs to be known if you want to have a blast for your wedding weekend. Do some research online or ask any of the Electra Cruises staff to get familiar with what fun things you and your guests can do once in town.

Things will go smoothly with a planner. Even without having a wedding 100+ miles away, there’s nothing like a planner to help you through the process and alleviate stress. At Electra Cruises, our planners will have all the vendors in-check and maintain communication with you so that everything turns out smoothly. This is an invaluable form of help when you’re planning from a distance.

Arrive early. Ideally, show up 5 days to 1 week before the wedding date. It will help to adjust to the area, weather, and maybe even the new timezone. Relax and enjoy your mini-vacation before the wedding!

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