7 Must-Know Rules for The Bachelorette Party


You’ve been invited to the bachelorette party! Congratulations, you’ve been chosen to be the bride’s special gal-pal and in on the intimate before-marriage party. Every bachelorette party is different – some are wild, some are relaxed, some are upscale, some are emotional, some are girly, some are active. But all bachelorette parties have certain rules that must be adhered to so everyone can enjoy, get along, and stay friends after the party! Here are seven must-know rules for the bachelorette party that will help you avoid fights and tears.

Don’t Get Wasted

Most bachelorette parties do include alcohol, and if the one you’re going to does as well, enjoy! Have a great time, but don’t lose control. Doing so can cause you to break the rules, take attention away from the bride, and lose friends.

Don’t Post on Social Media Without Permission

Some things may happen at the party that the bride or others in attendance don’t want put on social media. Even if the events were fine, certain pictures may not be flattering, so check with each girl before you post photos of them.

Don’t Wear White

White is for the bride – only. Don’t wear white to the wedding; don’t wear white to the bachelorette party.

Don’t Be a Party Pooper

Just because you don’t like party games or chick flicks doesn’t mean you get to sit them out. This party isn’t about you. If it’s a pool party and you hate squeezing into a bathing suit, don’t sit on the sidelines, go find a swim suit that fits and makes you comfortable. If the girls are watching a movie you hate, don’t sit and text the whole time, be grateful you’ve been chosen. The only exception to this rule is anything that compromises your values, of course.

Don’t Push the Bride to do Anything She Doesn’t Want to do

Don’t be that girl. No one likes that girl. Enough said.

Don’t Start Drama

This is not the time for embarrassing stories, gossip, complaining, people bashing, or other drama queen antics.

Do Enjoy

You’ve been chosen. Enjoy the bride, enjoy the other girls, enjoy the time out, enjoy yourself.

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