A Detail To Remember

With the craziness and stress of planning a wedding, the important details can often be overlooked. Weddingchannel.com provided a list of “20 Details Every Bride Forgets”. Here are some of the things they say get missed the most:

The first detail listed was to get a pretty hanger for the wedding dress photography shots. A great reminder, since with all you have to remember, thinking of the prettiest hanger may not make your list. But many photographers take unique pictures of the wedding dress and shoes before you put them on. Often times, these pictures make a photographers top-ten list because they are so visually stunning. So don”t forget to find a pretty hanger for your dress!

Packing your cell phone charger comes in early on the list as well. While it may seem as if you will not have time for phone calls, with the cell phone era came instant and undeniable access to well-wishers, guests needing directions, anxious family members, and a few texts from your soon-to-be-spouse. They also suggest you delegate the answering of the calls to an attendant.

Remembering extra tipping cash comes in at number 6 on the list. While most places take debit and credit cards, tips are an often forgotten cash need.

If you have hired a wedding planner, chances are she already has an emergency day-of wedding kit. If you are planning your wedding yourself, make sure you have one of these necessary kits around and stocked with bobby pins, a small sewing kit, lipstick, tissues, safety pins, clear nail polish, aspirin, nail clippers, bandages, and rubbing alcohol. I have a wedding planner friend that says she could rule the world with these items!

Number 13 on their list is something I feel should be in the top 3 things to remember: Eat! Brides often are so busy, stressed or excited to eat, but it can spell disaster on your wedding day. All of the time you spent researching, tasting, and choosing your menu should give you some pleasure as well, so remember to eat at your reception, as well as making sure you eat breakfast before the vows are said. Of course, this goes for remembering to ensure that your attendants eat as well!

And last but quite certainly not least, do not forget to enjoy! This day will go much faster than you ever thought it could. A personal goal for me is to work and plan in detail whatever I am doing- a wedding, a blog, an event, or a party, and once the time arrives to implement those plans, I just do it. Go with the flow, improvise where needed, don”t stress, and enjoy every interruption, every mistake, everything that went right…in short,enjoy every minute!

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