After-Hours Party Game Plan

Getting married at an exotic location can mean asking friends and family to come from far and wide to attend your most important day. Hosting your wedding here at Electra Cruises in Newport Beach can mean travel for your loved ones, too, and many guests may not be ready for the party to end when the reception is over. Even the bride and groom can wish for a few more dances!

So when the reception is over and guests “don”t have to go home but they can”t stay here,” it”s wise to have a game plan for an after-hours party. Here is how to get the party started:

Standard wedding invitation etiquette does not apply to a post-reception party, so you are free to choose whom you would like to go. One caveat: If there is someone you know would feel snubbed if they knew they were left out, you should invite them to come along. It is best not to risk a friendship.

Settle on a post-reception party style that suits your budget and the style of the guests you want to attend. You can go with a spontaneous bar hop, choose a private hotel room, gather for a bon fire on the beach, or rent one of Electra Cruises fabulous yachts! It is all up to you and how much legwork and money you want to put into planning your after-party. Even if you choose a low maintenance route, you will still want to do a little research to make sure the bars you like won””t have large parties that night, or if a certain beach has any late night restrictions.

Be comfortable and wear what you want to wear. Let your guests know that they should be reasonably comfortable as well. If you want everyone to dress in a certain theme, let them know ahead of time so they can bring along the proper clothing to change into after the wedding.

Have a plan of who pays for what, and clearly communicate it to your guests. Are you covering the costs or are they responsible for their own expenses? Open bar or cash bar? BYOB or is a bar available? Is food provided or do guests need to find their own? No one will be offended if you ask each one to pay their own way at an extended party, so just make sure you let them know.

Transportation back to homes or hotels after the party has ended will be one of your primary responsibilities and concerns, so check into the prices of cab fare, consider booking a shuttle, find out who would be willing to be a designated driver, and if anyone would be willing to open up a guest bedroom for anyone who was too inebriated to drive home.

When you are ready to leave, GO! You may even want to let your guests know that when you and your newly wedded spouse are done partying, you may not stop to say goodbye. Make sure to spend part of the after-party with every guest so that you can just leave without feeling guilty, because saying individual goodbyes can lead to lengthy conversations! Just stand up, raise your glass, shout thank you and goodbye, and then leave. Go enjoy newly wedded bliss 😉

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