Cut costs and time by planning your wedding digitally


For some, there’s something about using apps and computers that really takes the magic out of traditional tasks. Likewise, planning your wedding digitally might seem cheap or inauthentic.

But look at this way:

Incorporating just a few digital methods can go a long toward cutting costs and saving time.

Here are some ideas:

Online RSVP: There’s no need to spend a whole week confirming RSVP’s. Using a service like RSVPify, you can send an online RSVP form straight to your guests. After entering their info and hitting “confirm,” you get notified instantly. Easy!

Updating your guest list is a snap: Make your guest list in a spreadsheet. Upload the spreadsheet to a cloud service. Send it off to the venue. That’s it! Any changes you make to the spreadsheet will be updated automatically. Perfect for last minute additions.

Table plans: The venue doesn’t always have the best seating arrangements, and doing it yourself rarely turns out as you’d imagined—unless you’re a professional. Table planning software will guide you through creating your own arrangements. Share them with the venue and relax.

DIY Stationery: Plenty of beautiful invitation templates exist online. Download them, and you can easily add custom touches. Choose the type of paper and print them out at your favorite printing store the same day.

Décor: Finding inspiration is easy on Pinterest and other online avenues. Copy floral arrangements, find wedding toppers on Etsy, and so much more.

Photography: At the reception, ask guests to take pictures with the Wedpics smartphone app. Assemble all the pictures and create an album with an online DIY photobook provider.

You don’t have to break away from the traditional, but taking the digital route sometimes can definitely save you a lot of time and trouble.

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