Does Your Wedding Idea Work Better On Paper?

Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, different than any other, a stand-out success. And while every wedding should have its own unique qualities, it is important make sure that those fabulous touches you weave into your special day are logistically workable.

Susan Southerland, a wedding planner for, wrote a great blog on three ceremony ideas that look better on paper than work well in actuality. Two of them are shown as problematic for outdoor weddings, but one of those better-on-paper ideas is cautioned against in any wedding.

Susan says that she has been approached by brides with the idea of lining the isle of the ceremony site with open, burning candles. This would present obvious challenges and dangers, both for the bridal party and for guests. While it would be beautiful, it could be disastrous for guests bringing small children, the elderly, and those that just not paying enough attention. The bride herself could be in quite a bit of danger, as her gown and veil may catch the flame and be burned.

Susan suggests that if the venue does not come with glass-enclosed candle holders, to purchase some, use battery-powered LED candles, or hanging lanterns.

She also makes note that her intention is not to dissuade brides from following their creative dreams, but rather tries to come up with similar plans that fall into a safer or more realistic alternatives to keep the day flowing smoothly with as few “hiccups” as possible.

So when dreaming up possibilities to make your wedding day the one that will stand out, the one that will have people talking for years to come, think about how truly realistic it is. If your plans could cause logistical issues, consider how to replace that idea with a similar one that will work well. After all, we want the guests to be speaking of your unsurpassed beauty and fabulous wedding for years after, not the disaster that ensued after your veil caught fire!

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