First Things First

With all this wedding planning, I am willing to bet that you are already ready to hit some beach somewhere and lie in the sun next to your newly-wedded spouse, drink in hand. Not to worry, it will come soon enough.

But if you are taking a cruise to an exotic location for your honeymoon, have you thought about how you will fill the time between when you embark on the vessel and when you gain access to your cabin? You see, it can take a bit of time for your cabin to be cleaned and ready for you after the last cruise the ship took, and though you are allowed on board, you may not be able to go to your room right away.

As for me, my husband and I have been on three cruises (so far 😉 ), and our favorite thing to do is to grab a cold beverage laced with rum and decked out with an umbrella, and simply soak in the surroundings – both inside and out. The remainder of the cruise can be so packed with fun things to do and see, that this is one of our favorite times to simply unwind and wrap our heads around the fact that we are on vacation!

Cruise guide Cruise Critic recently posted about how its members fill the empty time between embarkation and being able access their cabins. By taking a peak at their answers, you may find the perfect one for you!

“I usually head to the spa and get myself a raffle ticket, then go find my dining table for the cruise, finally I find a quiet corner and study the cruise compass with a cold drink.” ~ Member Shaycatt11

“On our last cruise…we looked up and saw the…Bar as soon as we boarded, so we made that our first destination. It was our first time with one of the drink packages so we wanted to test it right away.” ~ Member TheInnocentAge

“We wear our bathing suits under our clothes and head straight to the pool. Once it starts to get crowded, we drop our carry-ons in the cabin, get all our mail and brochures and head for a light bite and read through everything. If we still need to make a reservation, we get to the applicable place after the pool, but before our first cabin visit, to again avoid crowds…” Member homeschoolmama

“I send a selfie to my co-workers and torment them! As they say, even a bad day on vacation is a better than a good day at work!” ~ Member Cruzin RN

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So what do you plan to do with those beginning moments of your honeymoon cruise vacation? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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