Four Mistakes to Avoid While Wedding Dress Shopping

There’s not much that gets a bride more excited – and possibly mistake-bound – than shopping for a wedding dress. Dress shopping is fun but can also be stressful. So before you head off to the bridal shops check out these four important tips and avoid these mistakes while wedding dress shopping.

Don’t Shop Before You’re Ready to Buy

The minute you begin trying on dresses, you’ll find one that blows your mind and you’ll want to buy it. If you’re not ready financially, you’re just setting yourself up for frustration. It’s also important to have your venue and style of ceremony in place before you buy, since a small venue or rustic style won’t do well with a highly formal gown with a long train.

Begin shopping about 12 months before the wedding, and no later than six to eight months before, since most dresses can take about that long to come in.

Not Having a Set Budget

Without knowing exactly how much you can spend on a dress, you can be tempted to purchase a dress that’s far too expensive for what you can realistically spend. Once you figure out a budget, don’t even try on a dress that’s too expensive. Inform the staff at the bridal shop of your budgetary limit, and true professionals will only present you with gowns that are within your means.

As you work out a budget for your gown, don’t forget to add in extras. There may be taxes, delivery charges, or alterations. Also add in jewelry, shoes, and a veil to your dress budget.

Bringing Too Many Friends

You may have several friends and family members who want to be in on the fun, but conflicting opinions cause confusion and can lead to buying a dress to please someone else. Aim to bring only one or two other people, and make sure they are ones who don’t have their own agendas.

Trying on Too Many Dresses

Choices are good, but too many choices can lead to frustration and buyer’s remorse. Have a style or two in mind that work well with your body type, and try on no more than eight to ten dresses over the course of your shopping months.

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