Four Tips For Beating Honeymoon Jet Lag

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Travelling between time zones for your honeymoon may leave you yawning, cat-napping, and dragging your way through what should be the most romantic week (or two!) of your life thus far. So how can you beat honeymoon jet lag? If you are traveling far and wide for your honeymoon, try these tips from, and you just may never struggle with jet lag again.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates your body’s sleep/wake cycle.  Your levels of Melatonin rise after dark, peak as you sleep through the night, and then fall again in the morning. Melatonin is also manufactured and sold as a supplement. It has been shown that taking Melatonin supplements helps fight jet lag. It is recommended that you take Melatonin after dark on at least the first day of your vacation (if not a few days before), and for a few days after.

Cautionary note: Melatonin supplements can interact with certain medications, and can actually disturb sleep if taken incorrectly. Always talk to your doctor before taking Melatonin supplements.

Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is a proven sleep enhancer, and has been shown to act as a mild sedative. Studies have shown that people who use it sleep deeper and wake feeling more refreshed. Experts recommend a few drops of lavender oil on your hotel pillows to relax. Who knows, it may enhance other parts of your honeymoon, too! 😉

Get Ahead of the Schedule
Getting adjusted to the time zone you will be traveling to before you get on the airplane can help you beat jet lag. If you are flying west, stay awake later than your normal bedtime for a few nights before your flight. If you are flying east, try to go to sleep an hour or so earlier each night before you fly.

Cautionary note: This tip is generally useful only if you will be at your destination for two days or more.

Rx Sleep Medications
If you feel you need something stronger, you may want to look into prescription sleep meds. Short-acting sleep aids like Sonata and Ambien may help when traveling west to east. When flying east to west, longer-lasting meds like Lunesta and Ambien CR may work better.

Cautionary note: These drugs should never be taken without a prescription from your doctor, and you should not drink alcohol while using them. Experts say you should never use any sleeping pill for the first on the airplane; you should use them at home first to get used to them.

For more tips on staying ahead of jet lag, read the full article on here.

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