How to Include Your Mother-in-law in Your Wedding – and Score Major Points!

Want to know how to score major points with your mother-in-law? Include her in your wedding planning and big day. I know what you’re thinking, but carefully done, not only will your mother-in-law be thankful, so will you!

The groom’s family has little or no responsibility in the wedding, so including your husband’s mother will make her feel great and relieve some of the pressure from you and your family. So how can you include her and keep yourself sane? We’ll show you how to include your mother-in-law in your wedding – and score major points!

Keep Her Updated

Send her regular text updates throughout the planning process. Include pictures when you can. It will make her feel special to be kept in the loop.

Ask Her Advice on Minor Issues

When you come across a minor issue, or even a larger one where you feel comfortable, ask her advice. She will feel honored that you asked her opinion.

Include Her Family Traditions

Ask her if there are any of her family traditions she would like included in the wedding. Your fiancé’s heritage is important, and you will score major points with him for including this, too!

Make Sure There is a Mother-Son Dance

The father-daughter dance is a must, but the mother-son dance is equally important. Make sure you give your mother-in-law this honor at your wedding.

Allow Her to Coordinate a Party

Allowing your mother-in-law to coordinate a party is a great way to include her in the wedding festivities – and be very blessed in the process. You may not want to ask her to throw you a party, but you can ask her if there are any special events she would like to host. There are usually several she can choose from: Engagement parties, bridal showers, brunches, luncheons, rehearsals, etc.

Ask Her to Help You With DIY Projects

If you are putting together your own welcome bags, favors, or anything else, ask her to help you. Get a bottle of girly wine or have some hot tea on hand, invite her over, and get some work done. You’ll score points AND get help! You can’t get better than that.

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