How to Protect Your Wedding Dress Before, On, and After Your Wedding Day

The bride”s wedding gown is usually the most expensive single item purchased for a wedding – excepting the rings – and also continues to be one of the most treasured after the ceremony has taken place. Here are a few ideas for keeping your gown safe and clean before and after your wedding.

~ Place your dress on a padded hanger before putting it inside a garment bag, and always store it in a garment bag or other protective covering. Keep it in a place that is safe from children, pets, and moisture.

~ Don”t have your dress dry cleaned before the ceremony unless absolutely necessary; the risk for mistakes is just too high. Most often, wrinkles will simply fall out on their own because of the weight of the dress, but if it must be pressed or steamed, check care instructions before proceeding, and always iron from the top down.

~ Carry your dress to the ceremony site still protected in the garment bag. Inspect your dressing area to make sure you can unpack your dress in a clean, uncluttered area away from pets, children, or anything that could stain your dress. Wash your hands before removing the dress.

~ Keep white chalk with you on the day of the ceremony to cover any spots you do get on your dress. Also keep a spray bottle of water handy to get out small wrinkles.

~ Talk to your florist before the wedding to ensure that the flowers you have chosen do not have pollen that could stain your dress.

~ Don”t be in too much of a hurry to put on your dress before the ceremony. Donning your gown should be one of the last things you do before you walk down the aisle.

~ After the wedding, taking your dress to a qualified, experienced wedding gown specialist for preservation is better than simply having it dry cleaned. A good specialist will remove spots, treat the dress to prevent discoloration, and protect the fabric from deterioration. Arrange to see and inspect your dress before it is put into the preservation chest.

~ Make having your dress preserved a priority as soon as you can after the honeymoon. The sooner a specialist receives your dress, the better the chances of correcting any problems.

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