How to Stay Sane in the Pinterest World of Wedding Planning

Oh, the wonderful world of Pinterest. Never before have so many fabulous wedding ideas been placed at our fingertips, all ours at the touch of a button. The wedding fantasies we had when we were five and still live today are all there – and more, much more. Clever, whimsical, opulent, and unique ideas abound, all beckoning us to do what no one else has done before.

Pinterest can be a blessing, to be sure. The pin board site has lots of benefits. But there’s a down side, too. Brides can become overwhelmed with so many possibilities. They can begin comparing their weddings to the weddings of others. They can become obsessed and over-plan. They can feel pressured to create the perfect wedding. They can become consumed and lose contact with the real world and the precious people in it. Each of these things and more will steal a bride’s joy. And nothing is worth that.

There is a fine line between working hard to ensure your wedding is unique and lovely, and allowing Pinterest (or anything else for that matter) to rule and ruin. Here are a few ways you can stay sane in the Pinterest world of wedding planning.

Have a strong vision of what you want for your wedding.

Come to a firm decision of what kind of wedding you want and don’t waiver. Having a strong vision of what both you and your fiancé want for your wedding will help eliminate problems and jumbled themes. Which leads to the next point…

Narrow your search.

Pinterest is a never-ending world and you can “stumble” on amazing ideas that temp but don’t fit your vision. Eliminate the temptation by narrowing your search. If you know you want a classic wedding, don’t just search weddings or wedding planning. Search classic wedding ideas instead.

Allow yourself only three or four choices of any one thing.

Even when you’ve come to firm decision and have narrowed your search, there are still hundreds of choices on any one thing. Want a whimsical cake? You can find more than you bargained for! Want a western themed reception? Pinterest has an overload! Find three or four options, then stop. Choose. Enjoy. Too many options lead to bride”s remorse.

Look over your boards often.

Many times we can pin and pin and pin, but forget what we’ve pinned! Searching Pinterest is often more fun than looking at what we have already, so stop searching and look over your boards. You may find enough there already and don’t need to search for more.

Delete pins you no longer want.

If you’ve eliminated an option, delete the pin. Then when you go to your boards, you won’t be overwhelmed with all you see.

Include your man.

Including your fiancé in your Pinterest planning can help keep you focused and grounded. Even if he resists, assure him this is for his good, too. Without his help, you could lose focus of what’s important. Guaranteed, he’ll help!

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