Ingenious Tricks to Making Wedding Planning Easy

As a young bride, no one told me what all can go wrong at a wedding or how to manage what went wrong at mine. Consequently, I wore a brilliantly shimmering white gown down the aisle of a small, chapel-like church with hunter green wool carpet and avocado green stained glass windows. My dress shone with a verdant glow that matched my husband”s hazel eyes, and I learned a little lesson about how details are important in wedding planning!

Alanna Okin, a staff writer, composed a brilliant post titled “21 Clever Tricks to Make Any Wedding So Much Easier”. Her list of simple, common sense, yet not so common ideas will genuinely make any wedding go much smoother, and make wedding planning much easier! Let”s take a look at six of the details she lists. For all of her suggestions, read the full article, here.

Place a number on your RSVP cards, so each one matches up with a certain guest. This way, she says, if the writing on the card is illegible, you will still know who is coming!

Create a new email account to be used exclusively for planning your wedding. This will enable you to stay organized, not lose important emails among many others, and not have spam emails from a myriad of vendors for months after the wedding.

Look into Recycle Your Wedding to purchase much less expensive second-hand wedding items. They have a large selection of wedding things, from dresses and decorations to totes and linens.

Attach small weights to the hems of the bridesmaid dresses to keep them from flying up on a windy day. Also use veil weights, sold here, to keep your headpiece from flying up or away. I loved these two ideas – brilliant!

Put some baby powder on your inner thighs to prevent chafing, sticking, or sweating. Wedding dresses can be quite hot, especially, of course, in the summer.

Keep high heels from sinking into soft ground with Soulmates, sold here. I love this idea, especially because I was bridesmaid to a bride who insisted all her bridesmaids wore flats only to prevent holes in the ground during her outdoor wedding. At under five feet tall, I wanted to wear heels!

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