What to know before buying a wedding dress

We asked several newlyweds around the office what they learned while shopping for wedding dresses. Get these tips in mind before you plan:

Consider the wedding location: A ball gown on the beach? Dragging a heavy dress over the sand isn’t such a good idea. If you’re set on a beach wedding, there are always dresses out there that will work and still fit the bridal look.

Stick to your budget: Don’t be tempted to go over your financial limits! Spending too much of your budget on a dress might set you up for a wedding and reception that can’t match its lavishness.

Open the budget for extras: Accessories and customizations add up! Make sure the budget accounts for these last minute decisions.

Know your body: Don’t become discouraged by how someone else looks in a dress. Your figure is unique, and not every dress is made for every body, so find out which shape is best for you!

Consider alterations: But if your dress just barely doesn’t fit, remember that you can always get alterations. Keeping this in mind will open many possibilities.

Trust your instincts: Asking for your friends’ opinions is OK, but don’t let it get you second-guessing! Even picking the first dress you try is fine if you have faith in yourself.

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