Nail Those Transportation Arrangements With These 5 Tips

Transportation might be a no-brainer… or a huge headache, depending on how far you are from the venue, how far your guests are, and all sorts of factors. Either way, a slip up in the transportation plans can be the main contribute to last-minute setbacks. And that’s the last thing you need on your big day!

Here are 5 tips to help you get your transporation covered from all sides:

Give your guests location detail as early as possible
As early as sending out Save the Date cards, make sure to include the location for anyone out-of-town. You’ll be giving them plenty of time to book hotels in the area.

Book in advance!
Booking advance is always the best for any rental, and it’s no different for transportation! Depending on the timing of holidays or graduations, you may need to get your reservation in extra early to have your guests covered.

Make arrangements for transporting to and from the wedding
Consider who will drive you, who will be coming with you, how you’ll be returning home, and more. Figure out these answers early on and then work out the logistics as you get closer to the date.

Carpooling for guests
If any guests living nearby can afford to help with carpooling, it can save money and be a huge convenience for others.

Keep an eye on traffic 5 days before
Anything from construction to community events can cause a hiccup, causing you or your guests to be late and seriously derail your plans! Stay on top of it and give your guests plenty of notice so they can plan.

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