Outsmart Often Overlooked Expenses While Planning Your Wedding

No doubt you have already mapped out your wedding budget, meticulously covering each detail of your big day and every possible variation of plans. Dress alterations, wedding gifts to one another, gifts for the attendants, back-up pianist, and even the honeymoon are all accounted for. You have counted what is in your piggy bank and stuffed some $20s, $10, and $5s in your sock drawer. But, as they say, life goes on – even while you are planning your wedding.

When you are busy planning your big day, it is easy to forget that unromantic things like dental work and car repairs can chip away at your funds, and suddenly, your well-planned wedding budget can take a big hit. Within moments, an unexpected expense can find you pulling out those stashed-away, for-honeymoon-only dollars and using them to pay for an irregular expense.

Financial guru, Dave Ramsey, has mapped out 10 of the most often overlooked expenses in life. While some may not apply to you, it is wise to take an inventory of your lifestyle, expenditures, and, even your family and friends. Here are four of those overlooked things that Ramsey says may hit you right in the wallet.

Gifts For Family and Friends

While others are budgeting to get you a wedding present, you may not be budgeting to buy your family and friends birthday or Christmas gifts. Dave Ramsey suggests marking your calendar with the dates of birthdays of those close to you, and making a gift budget. That way you will know how much you can afford to spend, and when you will need that money.

Club Dues

If you play golf at the Country Club or are excited to slim down and shape up for your wedding gown by working out at the Y, you will need to remember that these things come at a price – a monthly one that you will need to budget for.

Vehicle Maintenance and Registration

Tire rotations, oil changes, auto check-ups, and yearly car tags are necessary, but can wreak havoc on your budget if they are not accounted for. Create a “car maintenance” pocket, and put into it from each paycheck.

Household Repairs and Maintenance

Much like cars, our homes need regular maintenance, too. Leaky faucets, plugged-up pipes, and broken dishwashers can eat into a budget, as can lawn maintenance, tree trimming, batteries for flashlights, Norton computer anti-virus renewal, and much more. Like your car maintenance pocket, create one for home maintenance, too, and put in a bit from each paycheck so unexpected expenses do not overwhelmingly hit your budget.

photo credit: eventityinc.com

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