Respecting The Privacy Within Marriage: Secrets That Shouldn’t Be Shared

Experts agree that there are issues within a marriage that should not be shared with our friends, even our closest friends.  Some list ten subjects that should not be broached.  Others whittle the list to five.  Let”s consider three areas in a marriage best kept under the protection of privacy.
One part of marriage best kept private is the conflict between husband and wife.  Every marriage has its arguments, but when we air each fuss to our friends, the effect is a growing tally of gripes held against our mate.  Our best buds hear only one side of the story.  And, while we rehash the argument, we may fail to inform our friends of our making up and the dissolving of the disagreement.  We all need to vent a little, but beware too much negativity.  Being careful with what we reveal shows our concern for our spouse”s reputation among our circle of friends.
Another topic where details are discouraged is personal finances.  Specifics of salary or debt should not be shared.  And bold questions from others concerning marital income may be side-stepped with the response that “we just don”t discuss our finances outside our marriage.”
CONFIDENTIAL is the label written on the details of a couples” sex life.  Don”t allow anyone to force you into saying something you don”t want to say regarding this private area of your marriage.  Be one who is respectfully quiet in this matter.
In this day of spill-all interviews and conversations, the practice of confidentiality within your marriage builds trust as husband and wife guard each other”s secrets.  We can learn the art of knowing what NOT to say, and so safeguard the privacy of our marriage.

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