The Tall Bride’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding Gown

Consider your hair and shoes. says you shouldn’t add too much height with your hair, so watch out for hair styles that make you look taller. They suggest allowing your hair to hang naturally with a few curls.

When it comes to shoes, consider wearing a kitten pump or a pair of flats. Not only will these not add height, they will even keep you comfortable all day long.

Wear bold jewelry.

Dreamwedding suggests avoiding small pieces; they can actually be so subtle that people miss them. “The same can be said of the dress,” they continue. “Embellishments work well on tall brides.”

Avoid gowns with vertical lines.

Dreamwedding says that “if you’re lean and don’t want to look any thinner then avoid gowns with vertical lines.” They say, though, that if you’re curvier, you may want to embrace vertical lines. High neck lines and long sleeves should also be avoided, they say.

Look for certain styles.

Dreamwedding says a sheath style dress will accentuate height and “give a tall bride an elegant and classic look.” Mermaid gowns are also a great option, “especially with strapless or scooped necklines, because these will narrow broad shoulders and elongate the bodice.”

Tall, curvy brides will do well with a ball gown which will “draw attention to the bodice and waistline, but will also minimize hips for a beautiful feminine figure.” Tulle fabric, flowers, and ruffles add curves where there are none for non-curvy brides.

Take your shoes with you while shopping.

Dreamwedding also suggests that you bring shoes similar to the ones you will wear on your wedding day. Since many bridal boutiques and dress shops have shoes in smaller sizes, you may not be able to borrow a pair to see how they work with your gown. Especially if you are determined to wear high heels, you may need to have more fabric added to the bottom of the dress.

Thanks to, if you’re a tall bride, you can look fabulous on your wedding day in your perfect wedding gown. For wedding planning and assistance, contact Electra Cruises to speak with one of our professional wedding planners!

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