The Best and the Worst Wedding Day Foods

Every bride wishes for the perfect wedding day, and there is so much effort put into making it as perfect as it can be, that what you eat shouldn”t be the one thing that makes it less than wonderful!

But believe it or not, what you do put in your stomach on your special day can make or break your energy and emotions and affect your nerves. You don”t want to feel bloated walking down the aisle, shaky as you say I Do, sick during your pictures, or hungry while dancing!

Take a look at this list of best and worst foods to eat on your wedding day to make it the best possible!

Best Foods:


Salads reduce water retention and helps your body let go of excess liquids.


This super food has diuretic-like properties that help fight indigestion and bloating. It also has high fiber content, and will keep you feeling fuller longer.

Herbal Tea

Drinking tea throughout your big day will help you get in much needed water, keep you hydrated, and keep the jitters to a minimum.


A bowl of oatmeal contains soluble fiber which slows absorption of glucose and keeps your blood sugars level and steady.


Choose fruits that contain potassium, because potassium regulates your body”s balance of fluids and minerals. Mangoes, papaya, bananas, and melons are natural hydrators and contain lots of potassium.

Worst Foods:


Coffee can cause bad breath and jitters, and it has a dehydrating effect after you drink it.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods cause bloating and indigestion, and can cause sweating.

Artificial Sweetener

Carbonated sodas, gum, and candy can cause bloating and indigestion – not a good idea for feeling your best!

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