The One Shopping Tip That Can Save Your Marriage

Did you know that how long you hold an item in a store may be able to determine if you buy it or not? One study has revealed that the longer you hold something while shopping, the greater your desire to own it.* The more we desire it, the more likely we are to purchase it. What is even more fascinating is that those feelings of desire kick into high gear after holding an item for only 30 seconds!

If you are on a tight budget, or if you simply wish to not overspend, it is best to keep your hands to yourself! If you do pick something up but are not sure you can afford it, put it down and finish your shopping while you consider whether you want to purchase it or not. Then if you really want it, come back to it, but do not carry it around with you while you decide.

So how does this apply to marriage? Well, the principle is the same: The longer you hold on to your spouse, to your love, to your covenant relationship, the more you desire to keep it. But the advice is opposite: When tough times come into your marriage, do not let it go, hold on as long as it takes to maintain your desire and commitment to keep it – no matter what the cost.

If there is anything you are doing, however, that is hurting your spouse or harming your marriage, let that go. Make a conscious choice to lay down anything draws you away from your marriage commitment.

Hard times are inevitable, but they do come to an end. The goal is to see an end to the troubles, not your marriage. You just need to hold on one day longer than the afflictions. And you can do it.

So there it is. The one shopping tip that will help your marriage. When you need to save your budget, put the item down – let it go. When you need to save your marriage, hold on tight – never let it go. The same principle that governs both will help you keep your wedding vows, and will assist you in achieving your goal of a lifelong marriage relationship.

*”Great Ways to Save Right Now” Woman”s Day, November 2012 issue, Pg. 194

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