Three Tax Breaks You Can Take For Your Wedding

It is tax season again, and everyone is looking for those hidden tax breaks. Here are three ways you can save money on your taxes:

 1. Registry or favor “gifts” to charity. Giving out charitable donations in the name of guests as your party favors, or registering for donations to be given to the charity of your choice not only would give you a great deduction, but will also give you the satisfaction of knowing the money is going to a good cause.

 2. Material donations. Donate your wedding dress, duplicate gift items, your flowers, or extra reception food to charities, including church groups, senior centers, or schools. Estimate the amount of what you are donating, and remember to ask for a receipt when you drop the items off.

 3. A working honeymoon. This suggestion will be the least popular, so it was saved for last! It may not be the most romantic honeymoon, but if you arrange your trip around a conference or business trip, the tax write-offs can be well worth the time you take for work. Hotels, airfare, transportation, meals, laundry services, salon appointments and dry cleaning can all be deducted.

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