To Love and To Cherish

The vows you and your love take at your wedding are among the most meaningful, important, and binding words you will ever say. While the traditional wedding vows are lovely and encompass the essence of true and abiding love and commitment, many couples choose to create their own words to express their covenant bond.

 Writing your own vows can be an exciting yet daunting project. With so many other aspects of the wedding needing to be planned and perfected, finding just the right way to express your unending devotion can seem impossible. There are many resources to assist you in ideas, wording, and even in writing personalized vows for you.

 While these resources can be of great and comforting value, it is important to remember that you are not merely seeking to find a unique way to say I love you, or that you are a better person after having found your soul mate, or that you can”t wait to share life together. The wedding vow is a promise: a pledge of loyalty, respect, sacrifice, devotion, companionship, unity, physical and emotional affection, fidelity, and honesty, ”till death do you part. Many times it is in the poorer not the richer, the worse not the better, that the true soul mate in marriage partners is awakened.

 Humor, friendship, fun, joy, and beauty are grand and essential threads weaved into the tapestry of marriage, but the strength that holds the picture together is an undying, unyielding commitment to enduring what may come. As all of these aspects come together, a strong and lovely legacy is left in honor of your marriage.

 May you enjoy the having and the holding!

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