Wedding Gown Shopping Tips

Every bride knows that the secret to feeling like a princess on her wedding day is finding the perfect dress that transforms her into the belle of the ball. Here are 7 things to help get you into the right dress with as little stress as possible.

Set a budget and stick to it

You need to have a price point for everything you buy for your wedding – especially the dress. Include alteration costs, the veil, and shoes in that price.

Do not try on a dress that is above your budget

One of the biggest temptations for a bride-to-be is the try on that super expensive dress “just for fun”. But then no dress in her price range can compare, and she is left feeling as though the dress she can buy is inferior. Do not let fantasy get in the way of reality.

Shop early

You should start shopping for your dress about 10 months before the wedding. It can take up to two months to even find the right gown, and another four months to custom fit it. Starting early also means you will be less likely to settle for a dress you really do not want just because you are in a time crunch.

But not too early

Brides who begin their search a year or more before the big day report being overwhelmed by so many choices. They also may find “the right one” and buy it. Then find another. Then another.

Shop with the right ladies

Shopping for a wedding dress can be time consuming, and it is an intimate process because you are looking for a dress that is distinctly you. Shopping with the wrong people will only make you feel self-conscious and hurried. Choose only one or two of your best friends with whom you feel extremely comfortable, and they should have a clear idea about your style and your budget. Above all, do not buy a dress to make someone else happy!

Bring along a bathrobe

Bring a bathrobe with you to make it easier to spend down time while the attendant brings in dresses with your friends…and to keep warm!

Do not shop for dresses among other errands

When you go dress shopping, make it your only priority for that day. Do not try to squeeze in such an important thing as wedding gown shopping along with buying groceries or cake tasting.

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