Creative Ways To Re-Use Your Wedding Gown

Fifteen years ago, when I took off my princess-style wedding gown after my wedding, I stuffed it into a bag and stored it in a closet.

But many brides determine that their wedding dress needs to fulfill more than just one purpose. And the fun thing is, there are plenty of ways to do that. Here are just a few ideas:

~If your daughter is not thrilled with the idea of wearing your wedding dress as her own, use some of the fabric to make hers.

~Wear it as a costume for Halloween. I have even seen women wear their bridal gowns in a 5K race! My husband and I run every year in the Warrior Dash, and I have seen several girls crossing the finish line in wedding gowns drenched in mud!

~Use the fabric to make your daughter or your granddaughter”s prom dress or dedication dress.

~If you know someone who is in a tough spot but would love to have a stunning bridal gown, give it to her. She will never forget it, and you will never regret it.

~Donate it for a good cause. Some women donate their dresses to raise money for cancer foundations or other worthy causes. The Mary Madeline Project takes wedding dresses and and makes tiny burial outfits for still-born babies. If I ever decide to let go of mine, I will donate mine to this project.

~Wear it on a home date. Plan a date for you and your hubby, and re-create your wedding night. OK, so if I do let go of mine and donate it to the Mary Madeline Project, I will do this first. =)

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