Dressing the Men: Choosing a Tux or Suit For Your Wedding


The wedding gown usually takes top spot when thinking of wedding attire, followed by the bridesmaid and mother”s dresses. What the gentlemen of the wedding party wear is equally important, however, since how they look will either accentuate or detract from the bride”s dress.

Two important considerations are the time and style of the wedding and the groom”s body type. While the the tux or suit should compliment what the bride is wearing, the proper fit is key to looking elegant. All eyes will be on the groom and groomsmen before the bride walks down the aisle.

Selecting a tuxedo and ensuring the proper fit can be time-consuming, so it is important to give sufficient time to this process in the wedding planning. Decide on a couple of distinct features you want in the attire before you go shopping.

Dummies.com has some wonderful suggestions to consider as you shop for the perfect suit. You can find this article here.

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