Hot Wedding Trends For 2011

The heralding of a new year brings with it new wedding trends and twists on old trends, and 2011 is sure to not disappoint. As the economy continues to improve, couples are balancing the intimate, low-budget settings that became necessary in 2009 with a bit more extravagance. But while frugality may not be the 2011 wedding word, strategic spending is still in style this year. The last few years have seen an increase in do-it-yourself wedding projects, and is sure to remain the norm this year as well, as couples are choosing more carefully what they wish to spend the bigger bucks on.

Custom photography was one of 2010”s biggest money makers, and this trend is sure to continue. Magical wedding photos have become treasured mementos for couples, and brides are beginning to understand that the cheapest photography doesn”t always translate to the best photography. Videography may make a come-back as well, and the engagement photo shoots will still be a strong trend this year.

With Prince William and Kate Middleton”s royal wedding coming up in April, princess-style ballgowns, tiaras, and the monogram may make their way back on the scene. And with the sapphire engagement ring William presented Kate, diamonds may take a back seat to other gems in the bridal set.

While the royal wedding will make an impact on wedding trends, family heirlooms and personal items will be very important this year as these will take the place of more expensive pieces for both décor and attire. This will not only save couples money, but provide unique flair. Grooms are taking more of a part in the planning of the wedding, especially with the increase in DIY projects. Wedding cakes are projected to be less extravagant this year, and vintage, old-style, and rustic-chic is expected to be popular.

Still, however, the most stylish and trendy thing any engaged couple can do is to plan their wedding according to their own tastes and personalities. That is what makes a wedding special!

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