How To Make Your Own Wedding Dress

Whether you are a DIY kind of gal by nature, or simply love the idea of wearing a bridal gown that you created, designing and making your own wedding dress, while challenging, is a unique way to personalize your wedding.

Many brides feel that making their own wedding gown is a labor of love as they carefully craft and create the dress they will wear as they become a wife.

But you need excellent guidance and attention to detail to pull everything off well, and the blog at A Practical Wedding provides 10 steps to creating your masterpiece. As the writer says, “It takes lots of time and love and patience, but at the end of the process, you are so attached to the dress you have. It’s not something you saved up for, its not a dress that you tried on and fell in love with. Nope, its a dress that you dreamed up in your heart and head, bled over, cursed over, slaved over, and midwifed into being. And I’m not sure it gets any better than that.”

Check out the instructions by going here. Enjoy!

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