Frozen-Inspired Bridal Shower Ideas

Frozen. The epic Disney princess movie that has taken us ladies by storm. And the Christmas season is the perfect time to indulge in our favorite guilty pleasure and throw a Frozen themed bridal shower – or any party, really.

December is nearly over, but that is OK! There is always next month, and January is, on average, the coldest month of the year in the U.S. And what better theme for a bridal shower in January than Frozen?!

How do you go about planning this icy party? Well, come along…we will show you!

The Invitations

You have to start at the very beginning, so Julie Andrews tells us, and these free Frozen printable party invitations are just perfect. And, the picture shown is just one of many that are available!

The Décor

Once the big day and your guests have arrived, the party must be perfectly dressed in its theme. The cotton snowball curtain pictured above is an easy and stylish way to enter your Frozen fairyland. Or you can use shimmery blue streamers as a curtain, too.

Decorate with blue and white balloons and flowers, snowflake garland, and sparkly tulle to drape tables and chairs.

The Punch

You cannot have a properly themed party without a great punch to match. The punch pictured above is a non-alcoholic blue party punch with “snow balls”! You can find the recipe here.

To kick it up a notch, try The Elsa Cocktail, a Frozen inspired sangria recipe! You can find that recipe here.

You can also serve water bottles adorned with some of the free pintables listed above and mark “Melted Snow” on them.

The Menu

This blog post here has nearly a dozen amazing ideas for a Frozen inspired menu, including pretzel wands with blue icing and sparkly sprinkles, Elsa Ice Candy, icy blue dessert trifle (pictured above), mozzarella string cheese with snowman faces, snowball pops, blue popcorn, and jello “ice” cubes. Personally, I would spike the jello cubes! 😉

Have a marshmallow bar with candy corn, pretzels, and small, black dot candies and encourage guests to “build a snowman”. White chocolate dipped strawberries make great “Prince Hans frozen heart” snacks, and icy blue and white rock candy are beautiful and delicious additions. And, of course, blue and white napkins and plastic ware are a must.

Party Favors

Place dazzling tiaras like this one from Etsy in basket for each princess to wear during the part and take home, and you have created an unforgettable Frozen inspired bridal shower!

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