Great Bridal Shower Games


Planning a bridal shower can be a lot of stress and cost a bit of money. So for all that work, you should at least be able to get some laughs, fun, and great memories. This is where the games come in! Here are a few traditional ones, as well as a few zany and fun ones to put on your party list.

Clothespin Game. Choose a certain wedding-related word, such as bride, wedding, or groom. Give each guest 5 clothespins when they arrive and instruct them that they cannot say the word that you have chosen. When any guest hears another guest say the off-limits word, they can take the clothespin away. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the night wins.

The Wedding Night. When the bride is unwrapping her presents, secretly write down everything she says. So when she says “Oh, I LOVE this!”, or “Oh, how fun!”, or “YES!”, write it down. The fun begins when she is finished. Then announce that you know what the bride will say on her wedding night, and read the list out loud! This game is really fun at a lingerie shower!

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress. Divide the guests into teams of 3 to 5 and instruct them to choose 1 person in their team to be the “bride”. Give the teams ten or fifteen minutes and 2 rolls of toilet paper to create a wedding dress for their bride. At the end, choose the best dress and give the winner a prize.

How Well Do You Know the Bride. Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pen, and ask the guests a predetermined list of questions about the bride. The questions should have a range of easy to difficult, fun to serious, recent to childhood. When you are finished, the person who got the most questions correct wins a prize.

The Price is Right. Purchase 7 to ten items and place them on a table. Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pen. Have them guess the price of the items. The person who gets the most items correct or within 10 cents of the correct price wins a prize. The gifts, of course, should be given to the bride.

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