New Year’s Eve Engagement Party

Christmas morning often finds girlfriends becoming fiancees as sparkling engagement rings are taken from under the tree and lovingly slipped on to fingers. If you are a newly engaged couple, congratulations! Before the real work of planning begins, take some time to enjoy the dazzle of being engaged, and throw an engagement party for your friends and family!

If you are blessed enough to have a Christmastime engagement, then New Year”s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate your upcoming marriage in style! Everyone loves a New Year”s Eve party, so gather your your loved ones and throw a grand bash in honor of your engagement!

Engagement parties are a great way to introduce family members and friends of friends to one another. And what better way to begin a new year, than by celebrating what the coming year(s) will hold: The beautiful covenant of marriage.

One warning, though: You will want to have at least a sense of your wedding guest list before you begin inviting people to your engagement party. These people will more than likely expect to be invited to your wedding as well.

For a surprisingly low fare, Electra Cruises is an exquisite venue on which to celebrate your commitment. Our special event planners will walk through each step of planning your party with you, and we can accommodate any type of party you want. Invite up to 300 guests, and let the party begin! Happy New Year!

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