The Art of Being a Bridesmaid

  The role that the bridesmaids play in a wedding is often under-appreciated, but to be a fantastic bridesmaid takes much more than a plastered-on smile, wearing a pretty dress and dancing with the groomsmen. Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor. Being a bridesmaid is an art.

 Fulfilling the role of a bridesmaid can add a new dimension to your relationship with the bride, but can cause a strain on the friendship as well. The bride’s wishes for your part in her wedding should be clarified from the beginning so that your friendship won””””t be harmed and all can run smoothly. While some weddings are small enough to have only one honor attendant, most have at least one bridesmaid other than the Maid/Matron of Honor, and many have several ladies serving as bridesmaids. These women are usually the bride’s closest friends, so while you may not care for all of them, it is important that you are gracious and respectful for the sake of the bride.

 The actual part you fulfill will be completely up to the bride, but is only fair that you are able to take part in selecting the gown, shoes, and jewelry you will wear, and how your hair is worn. The bridesmaids are responsible for planning the bachelorette party and bridal showers. Other functions bridesmaids often participate in are going with the bride to find her dress, run errands, address invitations, coordinate out-of-town guests, provide information to guests about bridal registries, create wedding favors, act as mediator in groom or in-law conflicts, collect gifts and document from whom they were given, communicate and co-operate with the wedding coordinator, assist bride in any situation, calm her fears, carry tissues, assure her, advise her (when asked), and make sure she eats and gets plenty of rest. While the mother of the bride and Maid of Honor will perform many of these tasks, be available and ask where you can help.

 Bridesmaids are an important part of the wedding! If you are given the honor of attending your friend or family member at her wedding, be prepared for anything, and enjoy the day!

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