To Which Wedding Nail Design Will You Say I Do?

Wedding season is officially in full swing, and brides are scrambling to settle the final details of their big day. Sure, you have the venue, minister, florist, photographer, and band reserved; the hair dresser knows your preferred hair style, your bridesmaids know their assignments, and your groom knows he has to get fitted for his tux; and the reception food, decorations, and party favors are all chosen and accounted for.

But what about the small, easily-overlooked details that make a big, obvious difference? Have you purchased waterproof mascara to protect against the inevitable tears of joy? Do you have chalk and clear nail polish in an emergency pouch in case of a stain or pantyhose run? Have you considered how you want your nails to appear in the ever-flashing photos as your groom places a sparkly diamond on your finger?

From haircare to skincare, fitness to nails, every facet of your beauty plan is important for your wedding day. It is your time to shine, and your left hand will attract a fair share of the attention, so you must get your nails ready to complement your shiny wedding ring!

From bright and bold to wild and whimsical, dark and dramatic to fanciful and feminine, your choices for nail art are unlimited. Just recently I was fortunate enough sample a pair of Jamberry nail wraps, the hottest new trend in nail fashion. As a wedding blogger, it was exciting to test a beautiful bridal alternative to messy nail polish and uncomfortable stick-ons.

Jamberry nail products are non-toxic, vinyl-based nail shields that are touted to last up to two weeks on fingers and even longer on toes. They come in a myriad of colors, designs, and styles to suit your wedding theme or color combination. They come as a sheet of long, vinyl strips that are to be cut down to your personal size, so you do not have to worry about length and fit. Though I was not getting married during the trial period, I did put them through the gauntlet by spending the week tent camping, rock crawling a Jeep in the mountains, and generally using and abusing my nails!

Because the wraps are made of vinyl, your nails should not be able to break or split when wearing them. I have very thin nails, however, and found that one did begin to split underneath the wrap. The wrap kept my nail from tearing after it split, though, and they stayed on long enough that, once removed, my natural nail had grown out enough to repair. My wraps lasted right about a week, and just at the end, one of them tore down the middle. I highly abuse my nails, though, and I caught it just wrong and it tore. Jamberrys are, however, less vulnerable to wear and tear than both nail polish and stick-on nails.

The application process took some getting used to, but with just a little practice, it is easier and takes much less time and mess than painting on a base coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat! I recommend practicing with them a month or so before the wedding to get used to the application process.

My overall experience with the Jamberry wraps was highly favorable. As a result of using them, I now have longer nails than I have had in years, and would recommend them over and above any other nail treatment. Professional nails have ruined my nail beds in the past; stick-ons notoriously pop off (usually at the worst times!), and nail polish is messy and takes lots of dedicated time and effort.

When using Jamberry, you are free to match your nail look and style to your wedding ring, your wedding colors/theme, your bridal gown, or your personal taste. And you cannot forget the honeymoon! These wraps will easily last through both your wedding and your after-wedding vacation, or you can easily remove them to go from wedding class and beauty to honeymoon fun and fashion.

If you are getting married or are part of the bridal party, are a guest at a wedding, or even going camping, and want your nails to look fabulous, you can find expert advice, great customer service, and the perfect nails for you by contacting a Jamberry representative here.

Neither Electra Cruises nor the writer of this blog has received any compensation, monetary or otherwise, from Jamberry or any representatives thereof. This post was written for the sole purpose of informing its readers of a product truly tested and honestly evaluated by the author.

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