Red and Pink? Yes, Please!

We”ve all heard that red-heads shouldn”t wear pink and that red and pink don”t really go together anywhere except Valentine”s Day – and even then it”s usually ridiculously over done. But, as a red-head that loves to wear pink, I”m coming to the red/pink combo”s defense and even suggesting that it”s a fabulous color scheme for a wedding.

Let me be clear, though. While I am advocating the use of sweetheart color combinations, I believe they need to be used in unique ways; perhaps as accents or by adding touches in crimson, blush pink, maroon, fuchsia, coral, ruby, magenta, burgundy, apple, or pastel.

A fabulous way to incorporate these gorgeous colors is to go with a vintage style wedding. Picture it: a true red and blush pink wedding, far from tacky, filled with whimsical goodness, every last detail sweetly whispering of style. A bride in a simple tea length gown of blush pink, walks barefoot down an outdoor aisle of soft blades of grass, surrounded by red metal folding seats. Around her waist is a wide red satin ribbon, around her neck, a thinner red satin ribbon, choker style, with a small pink pendant dangling onto her chest. On her head is a wispy headband adorned with a red flower.

Her husband-to-be stands near a large tree, dressed in a shirt of barely-there pink and red tie. Vintage accents are everywhere at this wedding; shabby chic tables hold the food, the cake, the red punch, the berry platters, and the pink champagne. Red and pink flowers abound. An old red bicycle leans against a gnarly oak tree. That bicycle, along with a red, wooden swing attached to the tree by red rope, are fun photo opportunities and play things for the children.

OK, so my imagination went wild on that one, but you get my point. If your dream wedding includes reds and pinks together, go with it!

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