10 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding on a Cruise

Are you considering having your wedding on a cruise?

Whether you’re worried about the cost or if your guests would attend such a wedding, a yacht wedding could very well be the best choice for you.

Before even setting foot inside the Electra Cruises offices, here are a few little known factors that could easily convince you.


1) Your wallet will appreciate it

Considering the average cost of a wedding in California is a bit over $24,000, Electra Cruises can make your dreams a reality for a lot less. This is a great alternative for a wedding on a budget!


2) A Guaranteed RSVP

Trust us, as soon as your guests find out about your wedding on a yacht they will be thrilled about it and get on “vacation mode” right away.


3) Have a Unique Celebration

10 years from now when sharing wedding stories with new friend you’ll get to tell how yours was on a cruise! Electra Cruises offers a diverse yacht styles to choose from depending on your taste and number of guests


4) Breathtaking Pictures

No need for expensive lights or special lenses, with the sea as the background your wedding pictures will turn out amazing. Expect to see tons of guests’ selfies when looking up your wedding hashtag!


5) Find Everything Under One Roof

Their all-inclusive packages give you extra time to find a wedding dress. Don’t worry about the catering, the music, the decor, they’ll gladly do it for you.


6) VIP Service

Not just the guests but the newlyweds as well will get to experience an elite customer service experience. Electra Cruises staff takes care of your event coordination for a stress-free wedding celebration!

7) Honeymoon

Consider this a fancy junior honeymoon in Orange County waters!


8) Become a Trendsetter

Are you the first one from your group of friends to have a wedding on a cruise? Well, get ready to start a trend and perhaps even a tradition.


9) Do It in Private

There is no way someone who was not invited will show up at your wedding. Only your chosen friends and family members will get to witness your ceremony and have fun at a highly entertained ‘Electra Cruises’ wedding reception.


10) Plan an Unforgettable Wedding!

Set sail under the California sun or the incredible, starry night sky with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop. Nothing is more romantic and unforgettable than a wedding in beautiful Newport Harbor.

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