Must-Haves for Your Yacht Wedding

A yacht wedding will be a unique and unforgettable experience that people will talk about for years… The only regret you’ll have is if you don’’t make sure that your wedding has each of the things from this list!


Gorgeous wedding shots: A yacht is one of the finest places for beautiful wedding shots. Check out our article here for some inspiration on taking fabulous wedding shots.

Delicious food: Food is that one thing that can push a great wedding over the top into flat out amazing for your guests. How disappointing would it be to force everyone to eat terrible food? Luckily, all the yachts in our fleet come with the best chefs in the harbor and a quality of food to match.

Drinks!! All of our yachts come equipped with bars, so don’t let yourself miss the opportunity to have tasty cocktails out on the water in a luxury yacht! Even if alcohol isn’t to the tastes of you and your guests, our bars are fully equipped to become tea, coffee, and juice bars.

Music: A good DJ is going to decide half the success of your party! Nothing is more memorable than a wedding that got guests on their feet. Get a DJ who understands you and your crowd and leave the rest to them.

A great guest list: Many destination weddings are a small affair, so bring the guests you absolutely could not go without. Having your best friends and family members to support you will make your wedding all the more special.

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