How to Straighten out your Wedding Planning the Quick and Easy Way

From all the blog posts you’ve been reading online, the main take away is that every wedding comes with its complications. And if you’re planning a destination wedding, you’ll have to understand a good deal about your destination locale to make sure you’ve got your bases covered.

You can’t possibly be prepared for every little detail that might set you back. Now, having a few set backs isn’t going to ruin your wedding, but alleviating as much stress as possible before your wedding is what’s going to give you that fun, relaxed attitude you need for the perfect wedding day!

So, to help you get everything perfect, Electra Cruises gives you the all inclusive wedding package to make sure that everything is compliant with our yachts and the regulations of the harbor. And we aren’t just going to set you up with random vendors–after you’ve booked, you’ll be invited to our monthly Meet and Greet where you can personally meet our preferred vendors and make the decisions yourself.

So, what goes into an all-inclusive package?



The Yacht

Ever wonder what goes into renting a yacht? Well, you don’t really have to with Electra Cruises. As part of our service, we handle everything from the crew, insurance, fuel, docking, loading, and city permits. We’re the yacht experts–so doesn’t it make sense that we should make this the most hassle-free part for you?



Not sure what food is best to serve in a yacht? We have several choices that will fit the theme of being on the water (and we’re not just talking about seafood! Check out our complete menu). Electra Cruises is the only yacht charter company in Newport Beach with a commercial galley aboard every yacht. Not only are you getting amazing service, but we can even accommodate your specific diet or allergies.

“I usually expect the food to be mediocre on these types of places bug to our surprise, the food was pretty fricken awesome. The roast was juicy, the fish (I think halibut) was perfect. Not one single dish was bad. We ended the meal with fresh fruits and chocolate covered strawberries. Thanks to the bride and groom for hooking us up!” – Howard T., Yelp


There’s no need to worry about bringing drinks on the yacht! We’ve totally got it covered! Every yacht in our fleet has its own bar, and we include all the bartenders. Everything alcohol: you can count on us. But if your tastes are a little different, we can accommodate you with soft drinks, juice, and coffee/tea.

Wedding Cake

Yup, we even do the wedding cakes! We have several choices of flavor and filling, so you can be certain we aren’t just giving you a choice between cake A, B, or C.


We have several photographers at your disposal that know our yachts in and out. That means they know all the angles, the best shots on every yacht, and the best times of the day for the most romantic scenes on the water.


Your DJ essentially fuels the whole wedding celebrations, so we give you several options to make sure you get the DJ that is going to understand the needs of your ceremony and reception. Read more about the importance of hiring a professional DJ in our blog post here.


Trying to figure out how best to coordinate flowers with our yacht? We have professional florists to discuss everything with you from the bouquets, to the boutonnieres, and more.

You’ll be assigned your own wedding coordinator to help with the whole process, so don’t let this post limit your imagination for getting your dream wedding in order! Call today for a free consultation and speak with one of our wedding coordinators.

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