Three Yacht Wedding Nightmares–Solved!

Dealing with disasters on any wedding day is stressful to think about already, but when a yacht is involved, it must get really stressful, right?? Not really! At Electra Cruises, we do our best to give you a stress-free wedding.


But I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a couple things to look out for–but trust me, we’ve already thought of it for you so you don’t have to.


Seasickness: If you’ve never been on the water before, it’s difficult to know if you’ll experience seasickness. For those who do know the feeling, they know that in some cases it can be completely incapacitating. Luckily, our yachts stay in the calmest waters, so the chances of your body being affected by motion sickness are much slimmer. On top of that, the sheer size of our yachts make them far more stable than something like a boat!


Frizzy Hair: Although the majority of a yacht wedding will be inside the yacht, of course you’ll want to go out on the railing and take in the sea breeze. But make sure to prepare your hair! A few ways to avoid the frizz: explain the situation to your stylist and be open to their suggestions. You can also do yourself a favor by avoiding hair products with sulfates, which can leave your hair brittle and frizzy. Instead, in the weeks leading up to your wedding, treat your hair with hydrating and conditioning products. On the big day itself, contain all that moisture with products that contain oils.
Rain: It’s one thing to be subject to rain on land, but how much worse would it be from a yacht on the water? Well, the mist might roll in, but you can rest assured that–unlike a beach wedding–a little rain on a yacht will not grind your wedding reception to a halt. If you’ve taken one of our free yacht tours, you’ll know that they’re less like boats and more like luxurious, floating venues. Even if the weather outside gets a little gloomy, all floors of the interior are impressive spaces that will surpass most venue spaces on land anyways.

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